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Originally Posted by ULF_55
Don't you love this management group.

John Davidson was on the tube, saying that the way the Pred, Blue Jackets, et cetera are going to get their salary to the minimum required by the NNHL is to have teams like the Wings, Leafs, Avs write a cheque for the players those small market teams have to pick up.

So you Leaf fans, here's the deal:

Leafs will have to cut about 9 million from their 24% discounted payroll, AND pay for those teams with low payrolls to pick up the players the Leafs cut!

How do you like this trade?

Bryan McCabe to Nashville for NOTHING!!!!

But that isn't the best part.

Oh no.

You guessed it.

Leaf pay McCabe's contract!!!!

I guess that explains the reason they do not need revenue Sharing and or require a Soft Cap ..

Simply arbitrarily move players around the league and then have their former clubs pick up the tab ..

Maybe Jeremy Jacobs in Boston is not so dumb after all .. he lets all his players walk via UFA .. then waits until the league gives him new players from other teams with contracts fully paid ..

Now we now why Pittsburgh and others had such a low Salary .. Help is on the way ..

I like this quote the most ...

"You've got teams now that have to be broken up because of the financial reality of the situation," Daly said. "So the system they want to maintain does not foster team-building unless you're in a situation where you can afford to team-build.

I guess by Financial reality he MEANS PROFITABLE AND WELL RUN ... :lol

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