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02-14-2010, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by MTLPacman67 View Post
That may be true for some teams, but it's not even close for the Habs.
I fail to see how that could be true considering most teams have american dollars revenue from ticket sales while our revenues are in canadian dollars. Granted that varies but still.

Especially considering the fact that our attendance is amongst the best in the league and under all likelihood, even if it dropped, would still be higher than most other teams.

The only scenario where the habs would stand to lose more from a lower payroll and lower attendance than another team, is if you include playoffs games in the mix. But that's a crapshoot one way or another.

Originally Posted by MTLPacman67 View Post
Ticket revenues for season and offseason is so much more than the difference in payroll.
How much more. That's really impossible to tell because you don't know if attendance would drop, and if it would, by how much. And you also don't know how much lower than the salary cap we would be going. You also don't know if the current team would make the playoffs and how many home games they would play.

Bottom line, it's impossible to know how much we could lose/gain.

I'm not saying rebuilding would necessarily end up one way or another. But there are scenarios where if you cut say 15M off the salary cap, and if the bell centre is still 100% filled up, that you could even see a greater profit despite missing the playoffs (seeing how even with going to the cap you can still miss the playoffs).

Of course, nothing would pay more than going all the way to the finals and play 7 games every series. But even in the current situation, the chances of that happening are close to zero. The best the Molsons will see is the team play 2-6 home games with a definite possibility of no playoffs altogether.

The real money maker is making the playoffs. And if you rebuild, and do it properly, the chances are good you'll get more home games in the playoffs in the long run than if we stick with the current situation.

As I said before, it's definately an investment, and like all investments it has risks. But it also has potential for greater rewards both monetarily and excitement wise.

Originally Posted by MTLPacman67 View Post
Not to mention the merch sales drop.
Actually, the merchandise is where you stand to make the most money out of a rebuild. A very small percentage of people are going to buy Moore's jersey/accessories. How many would buy Taylor Hall's jersey/accessories, or Couturier's jersey/accessories ?

Bottom line is that we're no worse off than other teams when it comes to doing a rebuild. In fact, chances are we're one of the team in the best situation to go for it.

The only aspect that is harder is fan/media expectations. It's an important one, but I still think our fans would be really happy to watch an exciting offensive team with back and forth hockey, blowouts and 6-5 goal scoring fests even if it didn't get into the playoffs. I'd love it a lot better than to watch this current edition of the habs lose 1-0 to buffalo and finish the season 9th overall.

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