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01-22-2005, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by mooseOAK
Nothing stupid about it. The players are complaining that teams like Toronto and Detroit will need to be broken up under a salary cap. Daly is just saying that teams like the Oilers and Flames had to be broken up under the old system because the salary structure didn't allow them to keep their better players.

Teams get broken up either way.
The people in Toronto, Detroit, Colorado, St. Louis, New York, Philadelphia paid the bills for those payrolls.

So is Bettman saying he's a communist and that what is yours is the governments to do what they want with? In this case Bettman is saying the hard earned dollars in those cities should be sent to cities with less interest in supporting hockey.

Bettman is trying to set the NHL up like the IOC or FIFA, with everyone getting down on one knee to kiss his ... ring.

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