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01-22-2005, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Actually there have already been players that have said that they would be pro-contraction.
Oh come now, TB, we're not talking about a couple of free spirits like Roenick and Hull. We're talking about the guys who speak for their constituencies. Goodenow would hit the roof if he was told that Bettman was planning to eliminate 100 jobs, and he (Goodenow) would take 95% of his association with him.

Originally Posted by True Blue
"Those who spend are those who take home Cups."

Yes, but you are comparing them to the NFL.
Not at all, I'm simply stating a fact that has nothing whatsoever to do with the NFL.

Originally Posted by True Blue
The reason that the NFL has a level playing field is not the hard cap, but rather the fact that every team starts the year with $100m of revenue sharing ... The ONLY reason that the NFL cap works so well is becuase they couple it with the revenue sharing program.
Not true. If the cap is set within the budget of the lowest earning teams, you get equal competition. If the cap is set very high, you're 100% correct because without additional funding, the lower end teams couldn't afford to spend up to the cap limit anyway. (The NFL solves the problem of a high cap by sharing revenue as you state.) But we both know Bettmen is talking about $31 million, presumably with the idea that he's willing to go to $40-43 million or so. This brings most teams into the mix.

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