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02-14-2010, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by nittany View Post
Not my goal - theirs.
The #1 goal of any company is to make more profits. More profits doesn't necessarily mean a full building right now.

The real money is in the playoffs. That's where owners will make the most money. This team doesn't stand a chance to go deep in the playoffs. Not only that, but we'll not be the home team, which means less home games overall.

Money is not a static thing. It has value in time. Sure a dollar now is better than a dollar in 10 years. But is a dollar now better than 10 dollars in 2 years ?

The bottom line is that 1 more home game in the playoffs = around 21 regular season games of 1000 less spectators. If you build a contender, you're expecting to go deeper in the playoffs more consistently and get more home playoffs games and that is where the real money is at.

Rebuilding is an investment that can equate to more money down the line. For any business, the #1 goal is not having bigger revenues, it's more profit. Even businesses that are aggressively trying to increase their revenues at the cost of profit do it because they want bigger profits down the line (and this doesn't apply to the habs anyway since they're not really competing with anyone in that sense).

And like I said earlier, I'm convinced that it would be possible to put an exciting product on the ice that people would love to watch even if that team wasn't as competitive as the one we currently have. I'm convinced that, if done properly, attendance could be kept at the levels they're at currently. In fact, I think a certain portion of the population would be happier watching a more exciting team that finishes a bit lower than this current edition (a team that has a good chance of not making the playoffs anyway).

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