Thread: Speculation: Dubinsky on the block (Garrioch)
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02-14-2010, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
It's as much of a problem to cling to a player too tightly because he's "home grown" as it is to trade away too many youngsters.

People are so petrified that any player we let go is going to burn us down the line, that they're afraid to make a logical trade when it arises. Horton is a better player than Dubinsky. Weiss is a better player than Dubinsky. In an ideal world, Dubinsky ends up in the same ball-park as either of them. If he doesn't pan out, are you willing to say "That's ok" just because he's a product of our system?

Dubinsky often looks like he could be a really good player, but ya know what? So does Erik Christensen. So did Marcel Hossa. So did Petr Prucha. There's nothing wrong with trading a "maybe" for a very good player.

Now, that being said, I think to move Dubinsky the deal has to be right.
That's bullcrap and you know it. Christensen's career high is 10 points lower than Dubinsky's career low, and EC doesn't do half of what Dubinsky does off the puck (physical play, defense, PK). Hossa never even cracked HALF of Dubi's career low, and he was a lightweight in the physical play department as well. Prucha, for whatever reason (not looking to start that debate again), saw his point totals decrease with each season in the league. Dubinsky's point totals have INCREASED with every season.

He has nothing in common with any of those players. Dubinsky isn't a "maybe." We know what he brings and he could still improve. Anisimov (who I love as a player) is a "maybe."

You don't trade a player whose cap hit you can still contol for a number of years for an expensive player who will hit FA right when this team will be finally ready to compete.

This team won't become better by swapping out Dubinsky for Horton (not to mention whatever else might have to be included). We just have to try to move the three albatrosses or simply wait them out while the prospects get closer to the show. It won't be fun now or next season, but what do you want? Mediocrity now and for years to come, or a year or two of struggle followed by a cup contender?

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