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01-22-2005, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by The Messenger
I thought I would speak to you on a level that I believed you would understand better... Felt we had a communication problem, because it doesn't seem you are grasping the Silliness of Bettman's plan ...

Look me up in a few years, when you get to high school, and I will gladly change my approach then, so our conversations will be more enjoyable for both of us and not just you...

Seriously I was only thinking of you ..when looking for the answer to that question .. Honestly I was, no word of a Lie ...

Oh and by the way you got that question wrong ... I was thinking of Rocket Scientist or would also have accepted Genius.. but Messenger will do, since you couldn't come up with the correct word either ..
Once again, nothing.

Just a mass of dots and smilies, as usual.

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