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01-22-2005, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by richardn
With a 30 million dollar salary cap the Leafs would stand to lose a lot of players even with the players taking a 24% paycut. The Leafs current sallary is roughly 62 million dollars. With the pay cut that puts them just over 47 million dolars. The Leafs would then have to trim .............. 17 Million from the payroll to comply with cap.

Here is what the Leafs would probably be forced to lose in my opinion.

Ed Belfour 6.08 M
Brian Leetch 4.684 M
Owen Nolan 4.94 M
Joe Nieuwendyk 2.28 M

*Note* These salaries are with the proposed 24% pay cut

Now this puts the Leafs under the cap with no money left over for any free agent sighnings and a depleted prospect pool to replace these guys. The Leafs lineup might look some thing like this under Gary Bettman's plan.

Roberts - Sundin - Mogiliny
Tucker - Antropov - Poni
Wellwood - Stajan - Kilger
Wilm - Steen - Domi (Belak for a spare)

McCabe - Kaberle
Klee - Colaiacovo
Berg - Pilar

Aubin - Tellqvist
See Messenger there is understanding, and here another poster has clearer stated what this all means.

Oh, and the legitimate question how teams that are losing money with a 20 million dollar payrolls are going to carry a 35 million dollar payroll, well John Davidson answered that. The rich teams are going to send money to those teams to make up their shortfall.

Bottom line!!!!! Example only not based on research, I don't know the actual prices but know this gap exists.

Fans in Toronto are going to pay an average ticket price of $75.
Fans in Nashville are going to pay an average ticket price of $35.

Because the fans in Toronto are willing to pay so much more, along with suite sales, the Leafs are going to take Leaf fans money and send it to their competitors to pay for the players that are going to knock the Leafs out of the playoffs!

Go owners go.

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