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01-22-2005, 03:34 PM
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Question regarding a Ref's call

I was playing net in my Friday night beer league, here is the situation:

My defensemen blocked a shot that knocked the stick out of his hand. The stick did not break but it went into the corner. The play continued and our forward handed him his stick. So at this point with have one forward without a stick and a stick laying on the ice.

As the play continued in our zone the forward was able to pick the orginal stick off the ice and started to play with it. The ref called us for illegal us of equipment. Was this the right call?

I know if a player plays with a broken stick it is a two minute minor or if our player had picked up the oppositions stick and used it that is a two minute minor. Does anyone know the rules?

thanks in advance

PS - we won the game 1-0!!


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