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02-15-2010, 12:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Smoopok View Post
Dion Phaneuf was made available people. A top pairing 24 year old defenseman making 6.5 million dollars. There was no Bidding war over his services, look at what the flames got, left overs from the leafs. Seeing how that contract was hard to move and given the upside Phaneuf has. It is a different story if you move hammer NEXT deadline. Trust me Your not moving him with a full year left. SORRY.
Nah, I'm not going to trust you, and you have nothing to be sorry about because Hammer is a good dman that would have a spot on any team in the NHL. Maybe not at 5.5M but I'm 100% positive if we put him on waivers tomorrow, he'd get claimed in a heartbeat. Not that we'd ever do that because it would make little sense to trade our 2nd best dman if we're trying to make the playoffs.

You're undervaluing Hammer's contribution on the ice, and completely missing the point about the length of his contract.

Phaneuf has literally nothing to do with Hammer. They are two different players, with different attitudes, different play style, different strengths, different average salaries and different AMOUNTS OF YEARS LEFT ON THEIR CONTRACT.

If you think 4 years at 5.5M = 1 year at 5.5M, or 5 years at 6.5M = 1 year at 5.5M you're just clueless to the reality of a salary capped league. Not to mention that the salary cap has gone up every single year since Hammer was signed which means his contract is actually smaller every year all things considered. Is hammer still overpaid, yeah. Does that matter a lot to a team that has cap room, and needs a dman for one season ? No. Hammer would be one of the easiest player to move on the habs (we probably wouldn't get a lot for him), but they're not going to move him.

If you want players that would be hard to move, your list should start with Gomez and Gionta.

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