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02-15-2010, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by MK7117 View Post
Haven't read the whole thread so don't jump allover me if this has been said. I don't play beer league yet but one thing my team does that annoys the **** out of me is this

When my team is offside and we have the puck and were waiting for the last guy to get out of the zone, some of my players just shoot the puck in and give it right too the other team. Like is it that hard to pass back to your D and regroup and go attack again?
That goes in the not very coached category I referenced earlier. Pond hockey type players playing in beer league who do not know the basics. It is unfortunate really because the games could be so much better without ugly plays like that you just described.

Sometimes I cannot even play with guys who use the points ... they ALWAYS shoot on goal from a bad angle down low along the boards for no reason because nobody is open and never looked back at us at the point playing D.

It gets frustrating doesn't it? basic hockey plays are just not done sometimes even by guys who can dangle, they are so used to pond hockey they just hang onto it until they lose the puck because they didn't get a shot on goal like they would on the pond.

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