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02-15-2010, 11:21 AM
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Originally Posted by SabreTooth3539 View Post
Evan, I don't know why but your story is really cool to me! I guess it's because you chose the Preds to be your favorite team even though you'd never seen them play live and the fact that you support them from all the way over in Taiwan. I understand what you mean about being a bandwagon fan, there's always that one team or player in sports that is "the" team/player to like and I feel like the casual fan will list them as their favorite just because that's what everyone else says.

You have been a member of this site for ages (over 7 years!), I'm ashamed to have only been here a month. But it's nice to meet you and I am glad there are a few Predators posters around here too! We aren't as active as some of the other team's boards but I figure this thread will help us get to know each other and even if we have a small community, we'll have a tight one.
I know for a fact part of it is just that, growing up in Boise there's really no pro-sports teams nearby. Closet would be Seattle.

As a result my favorite baseball team has, and always will be the Mariners. I also liked the Supersonics but well they moved and since then the NBA can kiss my ass. As for NFL well I've always been a Chiefs fan since the Okoye days.

As for being in Taiwan there's a lot of Canadians here. Of those I meet that follow hockey, I'd say half are very vocal about Nashville not deserving to be in the NHL and the other half support the team. I don't even bother to convert the ones that are naysayers, as they also tend to be the type of expats here that I wouldn't want to be friends with anyways.

Sure doesn't feel like seven years but time flies. Glad to have you aboard and please do spread the word if you feel anyone else could be of help. I mean really, I can't give much input myself as I only ever watch the games online and have never actually played the sport, but I'll support the Preds come hell or high water and do my best to support the team when and how I can.

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