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02-15-2010, 11:03 AM
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the refs in my league clearly want to get the game over as fast as they can. they call off icings for any reason, or no reason at all. they games start real late so i can see why they would want to get it done with but thats no excuse.

we had so many blatant icings called off last game

the worst calls were the delayed penalties. we finally got a call in our favor and on teh delayed penalty my teammate skated teh puck across the blue line along the boards and was almost rubbed out by a guy on the opposing team but my teammate had more possession of the puck than the other guy who didnt even come close to touching the puck but the refs blew the whistle

i wasnt so upset about that as much cause i can kind of see how if the ref had a bad angle it may be hard to tell, but then the face off was in the neutral zone. and im like "face off in the zone" im not sure if our league does face offs in the offensive zone after a penalty but the puck was across the blue line after he blew the whistle so regardless it should have been in the zone. i think he said i was offside or something which was just a cop out because i didnt really even enter the zone until the whislte had already blew.

so, on THAT pp im on the rw half boards just playing catch with my defenseman. im doing a little board work shaking a defending forward. i pass the puck to my defenseman who goes d-d and when my other defenseman receives the pass, with no one even close to him, the ref blows teh whistle. im like "o great we got an offensive zone penalty on the pp when the puck wasnt even being battled for"

so i look and my teammate in front of the net thought he got called for something and hes looking around. i skate up to him and ask him what he did and he wasnt sure. but of course the other team got a penalty and the refs blew the whistle again when we had possession of the puck but this time it wasnt even close. they hadnt had the puck all pp and my defenseman just received it form a pass from the other defenseman

this time though the faceoff WAS in the zone. we won the draw, me lined up at the top of the left face off circle got the puck off the draw, passed it to the right side defenseman, he passed it to the left side defenseman who shot a nice low shot that was tipped in through the five hole by the center man

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