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02-15-2010, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
ToWhat did Del Z say to the ref i'm curious if you or anyone knows? Did it really seem over the top or lengthy? It seemed like the ref had a quick reaction considering many NHL stars mouth off going all the way to the box. I can understand the ref for calling him if he did something out of the ordinary, but it didnt seem like that at all. And this was a borderline call in a close game.

But this is about Torts, he yells and lunges at a rookie who made a rookie mistake for the first time. Wonder if he smacked his kid the first time he didnt clean his room. Afterall, he knows that he's supposed to clean it !
He just has no right to be contesting calls. End of story. He's not the captain nor does he have an A on his chest, either. He is a rookie. He should be keeping his mouth shut. Even if he was a few years in the league, it would at least be slightly more acceptable (but still not if he didn't have a letter). As a rookie, he needs to shut his mouth and play.

Like I said before -- DZ didn't seem angry or upset in his interview last night. He seemed upbeat and ready to go. I'm sure what Torts said to him when he yelled at him was nothing all that bad.

You live, you learn. Sometimes you learn when a dude screams at you. Del Zotto deserved it and this will hopefully not cost us any unsportsmanlike penalties in the future.

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