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09-25-2003, 02:22 PM
Kevin Forbes
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Originally Posted by Sweden
and what if he'd like to add some physical presence (sp?) and some stars to actually go for the cup .....




you can replace them with better guys if u have, but this is just to prove a point that this guy actually can sign and trade for a team like this - he just need to ask these guys if they want to be in a team to win the Cup would be like an All-stars lineup out there every night
I don't get what you're saying
the first roster was just an example of russian depth in the league
this one is just like an all-star roster, how will that accurately represent this team?
firstly: just having a lot of money and the desire to sign people doesn't equal getting the player or even equal cup (examples are players staying with one team through good times and bad and also the New York Rangers free-spending..)
Also: the player has some say and some players would have to be traded, thus the other teams have some say too. No matter how many first round draft picks you promise atlanta, I doubt you could pry Heatley and Kovalchuk away from them...

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