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02-15-2010, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Kristian Huselius got $4.75MM per year. Michael Ryder got $4MM. Nik Antropov got $4MM and he has a history of injuries. Do I know Frolov will get that much, no. Is it a very safe estimate based on the comparables? Absolutely, and guess what? Every single one of my "speculations" can be turned back on you and proposed about Versteeg.

He's played on the 4th line for one game. Get over it. Versteeg's benching is the end of the world, but Frolov's is "no big deal?" Way to be objective.

My problem with Frolov is not that he's been benched, it's the fact that he's lazy, inconsistent, and his numbers have been declining for 3 seasons as the team around him got better.

You go ahead and keep that idea. It fits right in with the Rangers philosophy: Building a team by overpaying free agents. You're right though, dealing from a position of organizational strength to address a need is a terrible idea.

Agree to disagree.

Trx, are you reading this stuff before you hit submit reply? I don't think you are. You are the one that said the benching was what turned you off about Frolov, that he was Inconsistent and that he would be overpriced. Which one of these things ISNT Versteeg? If you recall, I said that all the benching and lazy talk was overblown, yet you insisted that was the major obstacle with Frolov. Now that a situation comes to light where JQ sat Versteeg because he's played like crap and not up to standard, you say I'm the one who brought up benching as a minus on a players value?

Frolov has scored 20 or more goals in every season but his rookie season (this one is up in the air) and has consistently been the Kings number one threat until the emergence of Kopitar this year. Frolov is a way more offensive minded player than Versteeg. I will say it again. This team does not need ore third liners. It needs a guy who can light the lamp. Frolov is going to be one of a few that can do just that.

Everything you are saying about Frolov, I can say about Versteeg. That's the point. You say that defense is our strong point? Oh yeah? WHO? No one in the A is ready to step in and fill Girardi's shoes. So you'd deal Girardi and perhaps a pick for Versteeg and plug Versteeg in on our second line and with this move, you think that Versteeg would help more than having Girardi AND Frolov?

When they talk about Depth with our defense, they mean IN THE SYSTEM. Not the current blue liners. Getting rid of Girardi would be a stupid idea, unless of course there was someone ready and available to eat up the minutes that he's getting and not look totally out of place.

As for the money issues....Well, I have already said I'd go up to around 4 for Frolov, so that's right in the budget I'd be willing to spend. You really don't think FRO is worth a million dollars MORE THAN Kotalik? REALLY???!?!?! I promise you that GM's around the league have a higher opinion of Fro then you do.

PS: Sophmore slumps? Frolov didn't have one.

Just a side note. I like Versteeg as a player. I just think it's the wrong place, wrong time for him on the Rangers. If we're going to go after someone from the Hawks(Obviously not one of their big guns, someone who is on the market), it should be Sharp or Big D. Anything else would be shuffling the deck.

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