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02-15-2010, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Gman3 View Post
1) What do you base your statement that the Czech programs are much weaker now on, is it because there haven't been as many players drafted from that country lately, because if it is, it could just be that there just haven't been as many quality players from there.
If the quality of players has declined significantly in a program can it be anything but weaker?

Originally Posted by Gman3 View Post
2) Even if it is weakened now, it's still not that weak, and the fact that he is ripping it up in one of the best junior leagues in the world, is nothing to sniff at.
I didn't say it was.

Originally Posted by Gman3 View Post
3) That's your opinion, but it's not really hype, cause this kid is really good anyway, regardless of hype.
Making an outrageous claim without a valid basis for it is hype. Really good players can be severely overhyped.

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