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Originally Posted by cagney View Post
We're arguing different points here. The Czech program may be following the same development procedures and having less success because of a lack of natural talents. I agree with you there. However, the competition in the leagues that are a part of the Czech development program will suffer because of a lack of naturally talented players. One effect of that could be inflated stats for any more talented player that comes through the league.

What I'm saying is that I don't believe alesmarv has a valid basis for saying Frk is "head and shoulders" better than a guy like Frolik was at the same age based on the facts he's presented. The comment is just hype.
1) I will say I have heard criticism of the program recently, if it's true or not is to be determined.

2) If like you say Frolik had similar credentials, then I suppose I agree, at the same time though we also don't maybe know enough about him to say that he probably won't be any better than Frolik, would you agree with that?

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