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Originally Posted by cagney View Post
How exactly can you make a statement like that? You're in western Canada so it's certainly not from having seen them all play at the same age. It seems to me you're basing the argument around stats. Considering the Czech junior programs were in a much better state five years ago than they are now, this seems like a very poor basis for an argument (though most would say it's a very poor basis for an argument either way)

Frolik played in the U18 wjc's as a 15 year old and the U20 wjc's as a 16 year old. He also played extensively in the Czech Extraliga as a 16 year old. Frk hasn't done any of those things yet.

Voracek, while not having the list of accomplishments Frolik had accumulated, had very good stats as a 16 year old in junior play as well. That said, I don't remember anyone hyping him the way you're hyping Frk.

To bring some other players into the conversation, Michael Repik had very comparable stats to Frk at the same age. He didn't get a whole lot of hype either.

For a more recent example, Richard Panik's stats were better than Frk's at the same point in development. Again, he didn't get the kind of hype you're giving Frk.

Frk may end up a very high NHL draft pick but the hype you're putting on him is just excessive at this point. It's not just this thread either. You've taken every chance you could to pour it on with him. I don't think you're being very objective here at all.

So, he's got his thread now and I'm sure you'll keep us all up to date on him. That's cool, but I hope there'll be more substance and less hype in the future.
I entirely agree with everything you said in this thread. I think Im the only one in this thread who has been following Czech juniors on regular basis for years so I can express legitimate view. 1.Frolik and Voracek were better prospects than Frk in his age, no doubt about it. 2.Czech junior Extraleague was much superior five years ago.

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