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Originally Posted by Moses Doughty View Post
I agree with your post except this part. Refs can definitely cause injuries to happen indirectly, and I've seen it. If team A is cheapshotting team B all game long, and the refs aren't calling it like they should, Team A is still gonna take runs at a team all game long.

A few years back we were at a tournament in Chandler, Arizona where refs barely call anything. We play a team from our league that's known for cheapness in one of the games. They run us all game, slash, hit us from behind, etc. Heck, I got tackled and there was no penalty(I'm a goalie, and the ref made a joke reason to not call it. He said e got pushed into me, when he was the only guy on that side of the ice and was going full speed the whole time). In the third our guy is in the corner, facing the boards. Other teams guy comes full speed at him and decks him into the boards. Shouldve been a major at least. Got a minor and our guy is concussed. Can you realy say that's not the refs fault?
So the referee calling a major instead of a minor would have taken away the concussion? Do our red armbands have some magical power that prevents an injury if we penalize the action appropriately?

In your situation, because of the injury, you can say that you should have had a 5-minute powerplay instead of a 2-minute powerplay, but you cannot say that the injury is the referee's fault.

I had a situation in a Bantam AAA game last year, where a player was checked into the boards from behind and was injured. Ambulance ride and everything. I gave the player who hit him a Match Penalty. That gets you kicked out of the game and a guaranteed suspension. As the player was being treated, his mother came to our side of the rink at the timekeeper's box and bashed on the glass yelling god knows what. I ignored it. After the game, AND after I showered, she was waiting for me in the hallway. I cut her off after a few words and said, "I know you're upset because your kid is in the hospital, but did I hit your son? You embarrassed me on the ice and you are making a scene right here because I did my job." She staggered herself back into reality and apologized. I cannot prevent injuries with penalties.

I've also had a lot of games where one team is playing dirty (sometimes both teams are playing dirty) and dangerous, and no amount of penalties I call can do anything about it. The suggestion that a referee loses control if he doesn't call enough penalties is a myth more often than not.

I don't understand the mentality that so many players, coaches and parents have that the players (and coaches in minor hockey) are less responsible for their own actions than the referee. It doesn't make any sense.

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