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02-16-2010, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
Gatherings like this, where people get together to do nothing but hate on officials, is why officiating suffers at the amateur levels in every sport. Who the **** wants to do the job when they know the attitude towards them is seemingly automatic?

If you guys don't like the officiating you get in your leagues, get certified and start doing it yourself. See how YOU do.
I did but I was competent and actually gave a crap about what I was doing. I did fine without many complaints by coaches.

Its the refs with huge ego's and the morons who **** me off as a player. This old ref in Bantam had to be the center of attention. He would always make phantom calls to rile up the players and coaches. He was also extremely rude. It's almost like he craved the attention and hate. You deliver a clean check? Elbowing. Question a call? Unsportmanlike conduct. I once got a penalty when I skated by a player and he fell over so of coarse i got a tripping penalty. I dont exactly rmember but I think there was over 150 PIMS called that game.

They are like this in rare cases and some truly make mistakes. I'm sure we've all had plenty of good refs but they never stick out in our mind. We only remember the bad.

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