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02-16-2010, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by kyko1827 View Post
I really am curious what these assets are that you believe he is going to trade. Sports is about WINNNING not selling away your team and tanking. WINNING, herm edwards put it best YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME. But seriously all this tanking talk really pisses me off, you people need to realize that we are the new york rangers we will never stoop to the level of a pathetic franchise such as the penguins. BUY BUY BUY
Prospal will get you a nice return. He makes peanuts, is a hard worker and can play in all offensive situations with both highly skilled players and regular depth forwards. He is THE quintessential veteran rental, especially with a cap hit that can be fit into onto pretty much any team.

You could probably get a good 2nd rounder or a decent prospect for him. You can then take those assets and flip them for a higher pick in the draft or see how they develop. Given Slats trade prowess around here, im surprised more fans arent giddy at the fact that he can pull out the chloroform once again and fleece another GM with a number of different sells.

The problem is retaining every asset you have instead of using them as buying chips, something weve seen Sather do almost every year. The roster turnover is unpalatable from year to year and no WINNING attitude is built because of it. And hey guess what YOU COULD RESIGN PROSPAL IN THE SUMMER.

Who cares about Herm Edwards anyway? What did he ever win?

Pathetic franchise like the Penguins? The same team that went to the finals 2 years in a row and won the cup last year? That team? Sure looks like they did something right. What about the Chicago Blackhawks? They are pretty good this year too huh? We could go down the list in prior years of teams who made the right BUSINESS decisions in many of the major sports.

You people? lol

Lets get something straight here. ITS NOT ABOUT TANKING. Jesus christ thats all i hear around here. Tanking is benching everyone and letting in goals on purpose to lose games. ASSESSING your team correctly is what the seller camp is talking about. Of course you want to keep a winning attitude and culture. You have a lot of rookies on this squad that are still learning, bring up Grachev and Sangs, let them experience the NHL a little more - will that hurt the future?

I honestly want to know your opinion on a few things.

1. Will the Rangers make the playoffs this year?
2. If they make the playoffs are they good enough to win a round? two rounds? The cup?
3. How many years have you been a Rangers fan?

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