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01-23-2005, 03:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Bileur
I've just been wondering for a while what you would say about the points thing so I figured I might as well bring it up now. (I remeber you comparing them and asking if it was possible that one could do as well as the other in the NHL considering similar production) I could'nt really say anything when Spezza was stagnating and their numbers were really similar but now that he's (that is Jason is) back to normal I was wondering what you would say.

I was dissapointed in Wellwood in the first but in the last 2 periods he did what I expected him to. I know you guys dont really like to hear this but he reminds me of Ribeiro (kind of invisible everywhere else than the offensive zone where he's crasy) I mean that as a compliment. He looks/is much bigger than ribs though (5'9 190 > "6'1" 175 IMO) if I had the choice between two undersided guys i'd take the stocky one. He tried to pull a move on Volchenkov in the third that would have been amazing had he made it. Seemed to be trying to deke too much at times.
If You remeber my whole thread on the prospects board was really about Chris Higgins compared to Wellwood and the fact that Higgins was the bottom of the HF TOP 50 list .. and I was measuring one prospect to another at the AHL level..

I only really mentioned Spezza at the very end to prove that his stats at that time months ago were comparable to Spezza and we were about to see 2 games at the ACC in head to head matchup's and could see how they looked against each other.

In this game if you saw tonights game Wellwood had 3 points to Spezza 3 goals .. and hit the post with seconds left or he would have finished with 2 and 2 on the night .. He has in fact out performed Spezza statiscally in all 4 games this season ..but that doesn't prove anything it just an observation ..

There was no real comparison to anything and I never mentioned NHL potential in tonights GDT .. You took it upon yourself to dig all that up and drew your own conclusions ..

You still have yet to grasp that I have yet to critsize any player .. and if I compare Welly to anyone its to give him, praise for his efforts and not critisim to the other player because of his .. How come that is so difficult to understand for HF posters .. I think Spezza is a great young player..

ALL I SAID WAS.....Welly is nearly tied with the AHL scoriing leader in goals and was before the game began..

Why did that need defending ???

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