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Originally Posted by s7ark
Good points. My thoughts are that by 87/88 the Oilers were pretty confident they could mostly coast in the playoffs and there they could take it to another level and just destroy the other teams. I think they were right. They learned to not burn themselves out during the regular season and leave some in the tank for the playoffs. They still played hard in the regular season, but the team that tore through the playoffs was something else. They swept the Flames and only lost 1 to the Bruins. Both were exceptional teams that year.
The 87-88 Oilers were indeed something else. Although, I have to correct you in the fact they swept the Bruins 4-0. They went 16-2 during that playoff run, only losing to the Winnipeg Jets (4-1) and Detroit Red WIngs (4-1). I remember them sweeping Calgary in 4 straight. That was suprising at the time.

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