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02-17-2010, 02:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
The biggest problem is a lack of hockey rinks. Currently, there are 37 of them in Norway. When Sweden and Finland took steps towards improving the hockey infrastructure, Norway didn't. Even in Norway's highest league, the conditions are quite bad (the locker room aren't in the same building as the rink, etc...)

I think it has to do with culture, hockey just didn't stick with the Norwegians, they prefer cross-country skiing and such. According to this article, such conceptions such as hockey had too much east block feeling stuck to it. If you played hockey in Norway, you were stupid. The success they had in soccer 1994, didn't help the hockey program.

It's a bad spiral. The interest in hockey is low, so media doesn't write about it. Hockey doesn't get alot of money and players, so the interest is kept low. And so on... and those few Norwegians who become good players, don't stay in their own league, but usually play in SEL.

There's gotta be more than that in the lower-mainland just around Vancouver hell there's 7 in the district I live in and it only has 60,000 or so residents...

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