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02-17-2010, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
They certainly excel at individual winter sports, however I'm pretty handball is not only a team sport, but one that they excel at far better than the Finns, at least (the Swedes are the best in Scandinavia at THAT too, and possibly the best team out there).
As a Dane I take offense to this statement - and Norwegians would do the same, I presume. In fact, Swedes are arguably the worst in Scandinavia in handball (:-)), and that is even the case for both men and women (Finland is not a Scandinavian country).

Norway is not 'very good in soccer' either, but they are indeed better than Canada and probably as good as the US. In other words, it makes little sense to say that Norwegians are not doing well in team sports.

Also, just for reference (and I know Norway qualified, we didn't, but still possibly of interest), Denmark currently has 19 rinks, I think.

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