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How exactly can you make a statement like that? You're in western Canada so it's certainly not from having seen them all play at the same age. It seems to me you're basing the argument around stats. Considering the Czech junior programs were in a much better state five years ago than they are now, this seems like a very poor basis for an argument (though most would say it's a very poor basis for an argument either way)

Frolik played in the U18 wjc's as a 15 year old and the U20 wjc's as a 16 year old. He also played extensively in the Czech Extraliga as a 16 year old. Frk hasn't done any of those things yet.

Voracek, while not having the list of accomplishments Frolik had accumulated, had very good stats as a 16 year old in junior play as well. That said, I don't remember anyone hyping him the way you're hyping Frk.

To bring some other players into the conversation, Michael Repik had very comparable stats to Frk at the same age. He didn't get a whole lot of hype either.

For a more recent example, Richard Panik's stats were better than Frk's at the same point in development. Again, he didn't get the kind of hype you're giving Frk.

Frk may end up a very high NHL draft pick but the hype you're putting on him is just excessive at this point. It's not just this thread either. You've taken every chance you could to pour it on with him. I don't think you're being very objective here at all.

So, he's got his thread now and I'm sure you'll keep us all up to date on him. That's cool, but I hope there'll be more substance and less hype in the future.
I have seen all three play in juniors, I travel back and forth between Prague and Vancouver all the time as I am from Prague, and currently live in Vancouver. I havent seen Frk play live since last year but I still do think he is a better player, he has a strong drive, a game that is more suited to NA, and he is I beleive a biger player at the same age.

Regarding Frolik, he turned 17 when he played in the extra league and did that one season before his draft season. If you want to compare the two then compare Froliks 2003-2004 season to Frks 2009-2010 season, it would make much more sense. In 2003-2004 Frolik played in the Juniors putting up 21goals and 23 assists for 44 points in 53 games while scoring 2 goals in 5 games for the U18 team and 4 goals and 7 assists for 11 points in 15 games for U17 team. Frk will play for Karlovy Vary next year im sure, and likely the U20 team which will be the same progression as Frolik. Simply put Frk imo is a better NHL prospect and is accomplishing as much or more then Frolik at the same age(two years before his draft), and Voracek. Number wise if you dont want to look at juniors(which Frk has produced at a much higher clip then Frolik, while at the same time being on pace to spend more then a extra 180min in the penalty box in the same amount of games compared to Froliks 03-04 season, and over 120pm extra in the 04-05 season). We can look at what Frk has done on the national teams on which he as dominated while Frolik was simply very good.

In the end it comes down to personal opinion and I think Frk is shaping up to be a special player. Also your right I am maybe too excited about this prospect but realy there has been absolutly nothing to be excited about in Czech hockey for a few years.

Panik the most recent example also didnt accomplish the same things two before his draft, two years before his draft he put up 16 goals and 9 assists for 25 points in 27 games. The year after that he put up 1.6points per game compared to Frks 1.4 this year. Keep in mind Frk plays a aggressive style of game and like I mentioned has been spending crap loads of time in the penalty box, equivalent to a good chunck of the games. Now sure PIM arent always a good thing but imo a bit of aggressiveness from a Czech hockey player isnt a bad thing once it gets under control.

Time will tell and I will refrain from posting here until after the april tournament. i thought it was a good time to start a thread dedicated to this player because imo he will need one sooner or later.

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