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02-17-2010, 04:02 AM
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Originally Posted by finchster View Post
Fifa rankings are a flawed way to look at teams really. For example Croatia is 11th Egypt is 10th, and England is 9th. I have no doubt Egypt would be destoryed by England or Croatia
First of all, I agree, but anything can happen in any given game, really.
Secondly, as "flawed" as the system might be, at least points are earned and accumulated over time.
And finally, we're talking about countries and societies on the whole here, not necessarily just the strength of one representative squad; which is what lends a bit of credibility to use of the rankings as they seem to reflect the strength of the current squad and the level of development of the game in those countries rather than simply predict the results of the World Cup if it were played tomorrow, for example. I haven't studied it very hard, nor examined each country in depth to see if the ALL fit my cursory observation, but that's my impression.

Obviously the rankings reflect the strength of the current team more heavily though, ever since they started being calculated over a 4 year period as opposed to 8 (which would have better measured a country's ability to produce/develop talent as various players join and leave the club over time).

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