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Originally Posted by Dans View Post
There's a Norwegian poster who seems to have answered the question earlier in this thread, but no one has responded to what he said.
I think one point he mentioned is interesting - hockey is associated with thugs and bullies. I am in Germany and have heard it said that hockey is considered a sport for the the "lower" classes (one above handball!), so I have heard, I can't actually qualify that statement. But if in Norway there is a similar perception, then I wouldn't be surprised if hockey never took off given that Norway is one of the richest nations in the world with the highest GDP.
Speaking for Germany I donīt think the problem is that hockey is a sport for bullies. It is just very expensive. You have to buy the equipment, the travel costs. Also a lack of rinks is a problem in Germany and therefore practice time, which is sometimes late in the evening for youth teams. Itīs just easier to go to a football (soccer, I mean) team or a handball team. You need next to none new equipment except shoes, you can play it almost everywhere. Sticks, skates, protective gear, you donīt need that in soccer or handball. I think that with the travel costs is also a huge problem. I would go that far and say that hockey is only played by kids whose parents have enough money not by bullies.

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