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Originally Posted by Moses Doughty View Post
So pretty much your telling me in my situation it wasn't the refs fault. Do you really believe if the refs had called the checking from behind, boarding, goalie interference penalties upwards of 15 times that they would do ot again. Heck, they would've stopped at 3 of those penalties if the refs had a brain and called obvious calls for anyone who knows hockey. If you really believe calling penalties won't help prevent injuries your isane.

And at the same rink a couple days ago I have 2 other stories. We are playing a Arizona team and my goalie partners helmet is knocked off. Everyone knows, the refs looking straight at him and were all yelling to whistle it. He doesn't for 5 seconds until they are right about to shoot.

And in a game I played my temmate shoves a guy onto me. Yea I know it's not goalie interference but the guy doesn't get off of me(purposely) as the pucks moving around behind the net and they have it at the side. He gets up as they pass it to the slot and I hurry up to my feet but they score. I'm complaining to the ref that he shouldve whitsled in the crease on them he says my temmate shoved him on me so no call. I know that so I say that the guy just laid down on me and that's why there shouldve been a call. He just skates away.

Lesson learned-Arizona refs need to learn hockey.
Yes, I completely believe that an official can prevent SOME injuries, but if you think that a team is going to stop checking from behind or cross checking because they have had it called 3 times, you are beyond delusional bud,

I can call a team for 10 cross checks, does that mean the 11th one won't happen, or that I just know it's gonna happen eventually?

Why isn't the player or team that commits the fouls on the hook for ANY of the penalties they commit? Do you really think they are going to stop because of a 2 minute penalty?

As far as your stories, I love it, you KNOW it's not goalie interference, yet you still blame the ref, amazing, and pretty much proves Stripes point.


BTW, you said you played an Arizona team, and judging by your name, you probably play out of Cali, where in Cali do you play can I ask?

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