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Originally Posted by FreakyEuro View Post
Racism and xenophoby so disgusting regardless the form and shape.

This one is even funny. The way a short term economical prosperity (last 40-50 years) gives an individual or a nation the false feeling of superiority. Before the WWII Czechoslovakia was one of the most developed countries in Europe in terms of living standard, technology and industry. In the eyes of pre-war Czechoslovaks Scandinavia was a next-door-to-starving hickey dead-end where people survived on hunting squirrels and foxes. And see how the card has turned in say 75 years. Literally within one lifespan. Nowadays Scandinavians feel superior to "eastern block" based on wealth and prosperity most of them had no part in making.

Human nature, I guess. It's always been that way. Just as the Romans of old considered (and treated) all the native peoples north of Alps no better than animals.

Valuable lesson is the fact that the superiority is shifting and is not granted. Maybe you shall see yourself, within your own lifespan.
Isn't a bit harsh to judge all Scandinavians based on one article describing the history og HOCKEY?

Edit: All this article says is that hockey was the preferred sport for the working class on Oslo's east side. It does not say anything about the relationship between eastern and western Europe. Chimps interpretation is lacking, to say the least.

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