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02-17-2010, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Drama View Post
If your team was that serous about making a playoff push then they wouldn't have moved Kovy. They did and what they got for him was a lackluster return. (being nice) You expect to get something even remotely close to a star for a rental when Kovy was a perfect example how rentals aren't worth much.

You guys actually expect a team thinking about a Stanley Cup to give up a core player off their roster for a rental. You have to be kidding.
You amuse me greatly.

You see, Kovalchuk wanted max cap. You know, $11.3m a year. For something like 12 years. Let that sink in for a moment. I've got time. I can wait.

Okay, has it sunk in yet? I hope so. With that kind of salary and cap hit, Atlanta would be unable to afford to keep any of our young players when their contracts come up. How could we afford to give players like Little, Bogosian, and Kane a pay raise when Kovalchuk is sucking up ~20% of payroll? Therefore, Kovalchuk had to be moved. Atlanta didn't have a choice. We could have either hung on to him and got nothing, or trade him and get a fairly decent return.

We did the latter. The roster players we received, Bergfors and Oduya, have stepped right in. The team is also playing better without Kovalchuk, and has really been forced to play like a team instead of like accessories to Kovalchuk.

To top it off, you talk as if the Senators are the only team "thinking about the Stanley Cup." Atlanta has the same sort of aspirations, and they could possibly pull it off, if things go right. What you're asking for is a top defenseman for a wing and a prayer. A top defenseman who has been a big part of this team this year.

If you were Ottawa's GM, you'd get hung up on.

This thread asked the value of Kubina going to Ottawa. The value of Kubina to this organization has been stated. If you want Kubina bad enough, then let's make a deal. If you feel the price is too high, then keep walking. We will be more than happy to hang on to him.

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