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Originally Posted by FreakyEuro View Post
I didn't judge all the Scandinavians. I firmly do believe that in EVERY single country in the world there is about the same amount of good and bad people. I'll try to stick to good people regardless of their passport.

But honestly, public image of a country doesn't grow on trees. It is given by the country's prosperity, international relations, cultural references and the image of that country portrayed by media. And those play a big role, you see some footage from lesser developed countries, you see dirt, mess, problems, you're far away and you take the coloured and exclamated news for granted.

Can you really say all of your countryman see eastern Europeans or Middle Easterners as their equals? I guess in all honesty you cannot. Because people scrutinize, judge and disregard. If they didn't the term "eastern block" wouldn't exist or you wouldn't understand what it means.

The fact is, I don't judge Scandinavians. I tried to make clear I made a point about the humanity as a whole. About human nature in general. Cause it's all the same and it all has been here:

-Nihil novum sub sole- as the Romans of old would say.
I do not think that our xenophobia is more developed than in any other country in the western hemisphere. Just look at your countrys treatment og Romas and immigrants.

You should also look at the reasons behind the Nordic countrys economical and social success. Is it all luck and history just strolling along, or is there anything in the Scandinavian distribution of wealth?
I would also like to add that Norway spends a bigger part of its GDP on development in other countrys than any other nation in the world.

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