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02-17-2010, 12:50 PM
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Originally Posted by David Brent View Post
Just look at your countrys treatment og Romas and immigrants.
I never wanted this to go that far. But honestly do you think your knowledge of the problematics is deep enough?

Originally Posted by David Brent View Post
You should also look at the reasons behind the Nordic countrys economical and social success. Is it all luck and history just strolling along, or is there anything in the Scandinavian distribution of wealth?
I would also like to add that Norway spends a bigger part of its BNP on development in other countrys than any other nation in the world.
It's regretable how you believe that the wealth of your country is based on the correct "distribution of wealth". Europe is doomed in case should many people believe so.
The wealth of Scandinavia is based on old-days protestant morale, responsibility and work ethics of past generations of Scandinavians. Not on the proper "distribution of wealth". That's just the way to dilute the fruits of hard labor of former generations of your fathers and grandfathers who got you where you are right now.

I think we both know what this "distribution of wealth" is an euphemism for.

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