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Originally Posted by IslesNorway View Post
Did you read my original post on page 1 of this thread? I think that explains at least with some accuracy why Norway aren't a big hockey nation.

I think the reason why Norway ain't a hockey nation can be summed up like this:

1) Not enough hockey rinks throughout the country. Imagine the second largest city in Norway doesn't even have it's own team (at least one to speak of). It should give you an idea

2) The sport has a huge reputation/image problem. See my earlier post

3) Other sports are more popular and easier to access and play. Hockey requires a great deal of equipment. Football and skiing doesn't.

4) No success for the national team generates no interest

5) No media exposure. Games are not shown on national, free tv-channels.

Sweden and Finland have had decades of success and international star players. That generates interest among the public and gives respectability to the sport. Norway has had none of the above.
Dude, CTHD, did you even read my reply to him? I simply said lack of rinks was a symptom of the problem, not the problem. Got it?

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