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Originally Posted by FreakyEuro View Post
Yes but you cannot actually prevent this. It's a civilization cycle. Our modern economies are based on growth. Non-present growth is a grain of sand in the clockwork. And nothing can grow sky high: in the beginning you can support the growth by better qualified work force (improved education system, proficiency and efficiency), but the problem is every civilization that reaches certain level of saturation and luxury somehows stops reproducing. The infant/woman ratio declines.
Thus you have to supply the demand for the workforce by incoming individuals. And that's the start of the civilization turnaround. New people will come, they will be more dynamic, more hungry for success etc.

I can see it here as well, we have a lot of Vietnamese immigrants and their second generation are the best students at elementary schools and high schools. Perfectly integrated, speak the language. They are the go-geters, they want it more, they're ready to try harder and sacrifice more to be successful.

The first generation of immigrants always assumes low-grade jobs (as this sector is always happily abandoned by the locals), but the second or third generation will take a bite of the cake of captaining the industry, business etc.
This is due in large part to how costly a modern mature economy becomes in relation to child rearing. Who in their right minds would rack out a half dozen kids today?

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