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Originally Posted by David Brent View Post
My knowledge may never reach the same level as your detailed knowledge of Scandinavian societies...
I lived (and will live again in a short while) in Denmark, my long time girlfriend is from Iceland. I'd be very careful to pass any judgements on my knowledge of the Scandinavian society if I were you.

Originally Posted by David Brent View Post
Let's look at Norway. We got lucky with enormous oilfields laying at our doorstep. What usually happens when wealth of this proportion suddenly floods society? Corruption, excessive spending and other unwanted negative consequences. Look at Russia and most other countrys that experienced similar things. A few get rich, most people never even notice the difference.
Your comparison of uncomparable is unfair. Norway is a steady country glued together by stable humane society, constitutional monarchy and historical protestantism ways.
Russia on the other hand is a country that never ever experienced any sort of democracy. In 1917 they leapt from absolutist Tsarist monarchy straight to totalitarian communism. I don't want to take any credit from your country, I defend Scandinavian countries as a model worth following (in terms of civic stability and open society, constitutional monarchy) wherever I go. But do NOT compare yourself to Russia. You had a whole different starting point.
They killed their Tsar and turned the whole country upside down. You crowned a Danish prince your own Norwegian king.

Originally Posted by David Brent View Post
And your hint towards communism couldn't be more far off.
There's a difference between biting your fingernails and biting your arm off.
Actually I meant socialism, but I agree on the matter of proportion. I wish our left-wing politicians could distinguish the proportion as well as you can.

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