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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
And that is the visual part of the complete failure that miljonprogrammet was.
Big chunks of concrete built for low income people built far away from the rest of the city, I still wonder how the hell anyone could think that was a good idea.
In our case it was we had a population explosion after the WWII and the centrally controlled communist economy needed to deal with a dire need of lodging somehow. They certainly thought concrete-instant housing will be the long term cheap answer.

I think in your case, guys, it might have been similar as Malmo is immigrant-heavy, maybe they opted to build the infrastructure this way (I remember one remarkably ugly concrete mall in Malmo that strongly reminded me of home).

Which is a shame, since Scandinavian design tends to be chic. However there are a couple of concrete uglies even in Copenhagen. Maybe it was the seventies??

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