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Originally Posted by David Brent View Post
Despite our differences of opinion, this post is spot on.
Strange I don't think we differ that much. I was under the impression that you mistook my rather longish historical discourse for disregard towards Scandinavian ways. I'm far from that.
I just don't like the stereotyping that seems to linger. And dislike the attitude of some Scandinavians (Englishmen, Americans, etc...) to think of themselves as better just because their father's hard work got them where they are now. But don't get me wrong there. Many Czech people apply the same erratic superior attitude towards Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Romanians etc. and I hate it just the same. Because it's by concept the same thing. That's what I meant with my reference to general human nature and goodness/badness in human regardless of the passport.
That's what I meant with my disgust towards xenophoby in any form and shape.

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