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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
There weren't actually that many immigrants in Sweden when the national program that spawned all these ugly concrete ghettos began back in the mid 60's, they were initially built to provide "quality" living for the poor who had previously been living in old, worn down and overpopulated parts of the cities, which is all good, the problem was that they were built with unrealistic goals of creating a Social Democratic influenced functionalist "paradise" for the working class, to make the people who lived there into "good citizens".
The fact your democratic administration sported the same phrases as our enlightened communist leaders is just gorgeous.

Originally Posted by Franck View Post
The shocking thing is that it actually worked for a while at the start, but then the reality of how incredibly stupid it is to place thousands of poor and low income people in the same place caught up with the project.
I guess that end was utterly inevitable, since I think it's a general human need to establish his own household and be a "master of his own castle". Thus as the economic growth proceeded those who managed to succeed in their careers moved out to buy loftier apartments or family houses and the gargantuan concrete working class paradise started to accumulate those who were not "up to the task" for whatever reason.
It's the same situation here after the velvet revolution.

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