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Originally Posted by Badman View Post
I don't know where I heard this, but the story goes that Finland and Norway, at the time about equal when it came to hockey, both were presented with this plan for investment in hockey infrastructure as you call it. Finland took it and blossomed, Norway didn't and fell way behind.
May have been a good decision though, you can win just one medal at the Olympics for hockey, loads in cross country, biathlon etc.

The East German government made a conscious decision not to support hockey because with a hockey team you commit resources to 20+ athletes and get one medal at most and the fact it's a popular sport elsewhere means it's tougher to penetrate. Instead they used the resources to be a world power in other sports where competition is thinner and more medals can be won. As an example, supporting 1,000 active lugers at a few major facilities will make you a power, supporting 1,000 active hockey players with a few rinks won't get you 10th place.

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