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Originally Posted by hluraven View Post
As mattski said, it's primarily an amateur league where the players pay to play. If you are Canadian without an EU passport I believe you will be ineligible to play ENL hockey though, it is officially a development league and there are restrictions on imports. If you are eligible to play as an import, there are a maximum of two imports per side and only one on the ice at any time. Most "northern" teams have 0 or 1 imports but there are more imports in the south, especially around London. You would need an ITC card to play in Britain which costs about 700 EVERY season to play ENL level, it is an IIHF charge and a rip-off that seriously dents finances at this level.

You are far more likely to be suited to one of the better rec teams, they don't have import restrictions or ITC charges, and there are quite a few. As well as Deeside (Flintshire's rink) there is Manchester not too far away from Liverpool as well as Blackburn.

I bet that you will not be able to play in ENL. Somehow, try registering maybe they will consider you. You will never know unless you haven't tried it out.

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