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09-25-2003, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Malefic74
Starting line-up of players who don't get nearly enough credit for the excellent play they provide night in and night out. I've run this thread on other forums and the responses usually lead me to watch players I might miss otherwise.

Let's have 'em!

Olaf Kolzig, Capitals. Resilient, never quits and gets consistently shelled behind a Caps team that hasn't cared in quite a while. Never mentioned in the top tier of tenders in the league and should be.

Mike Rathje, Sharks. Solid two way defenseman who plays shutdown defense and chips in with a little offense. Great outlet passer who is often overlooked by his flashier peers.
Wade Redden, Sens. Reminds me a lot of the way Neidermayer plays in New Jersey (minus the skating). Never out of position, doesn't panic and makes everything look so easy you can't tell if he's working hard. Maybe that's why everone forgets him.

Jere Lehtinen- Stars. So how can a guy who wins the Selke be in here? Because no one seems to remember he scored 31 goals! Everyone rightly lauds him for his defensive play but forgets his offense. He's a Jari Kurri clone.
Steve Sullivan- Hawks. Left for dead by the infinite wisdom of Pat Quinn, he has shown he can play. Deceptive speed and a motor that will not quit I love watching this guy. Too bad to see him you have to watch the Hawks.
John Madden- Devils. The straw that stirs the drink. Deeper teams who play the Devils can usually match up pretty well with their first two lines, but have no answer for Madden. The guy can skate, hits anything that moves, can score and will absolutely suffocate your top forward. Absolutely infuriating to watch when he's not on your team and is killing you. Then the 3 stars roll around and he's not one of them.

No Respect.
Uh, if I'm not mistaken, Madden has also twon a Selke Trophy and Redden was sure in the mix for Team Canada this year.

Lehtinen is a Jari Kurri clone? I don't think so. Kurri was a sniper; Lehtinen is a balanced player. He's not regarded by the *average* hockey fan as a great player, but I don't think he's lacking for respect whatsoever.