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09-25-2003, 04:04 PM
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Danrik, off-topic question for you: did you go by a different name here in the past?

On-topic: some aspects such as size, strength, conditioning levels, contract situation are very important and often aren't included in the 'thought process' when people make proposals here.

Another important determinate in evaluating a player's trade value is their position and the depth of that position around the league. By way of example, I would say goaltender is the most important position for a team to enjoy contending status (and eventually win the Cup), but goaltenders have less trade value than say a number one defenseman or number one center simply because there are more quality goaltenders in the league than there are number one defensemen.

This is also what makes Gauthier, who is a #4-5 defenseman, more valuable on the trade market than a player like Zednik in my mind. There's simply more Zednik-types than there are punishing hitters in the league. And given the amount of big forwards, it's never a bad thing to have punishing hitters that can get under the opposition's skin and shadow opponents well. This is why Kasparaitis fetched a decent amount in his deadline deal and eventual contract, and why Gauthier is worth more than most people here seem to give him credit for.

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