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01-23-2005, 05:47 PM
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Originally Posted by PepNCheese
Let's dispense with the "he tied Mats Sundin in even strength scoring" crap, ok?

We'll see what Spezza does when he is playing against top NHL opposition every single shift like Sundin is.

It's a lot easier to score when the opposition is busy checking other guys. Sundin is "the man" on the Leafs. We have yet to see what Spezza does with that kind of role and ice time.

We shall find out when hockey returns.
Well then why all the excitement over Matt Stajan? He's played horrible in the AHL by the standards of a supposed "NHL" quality player. Meanwhile, Spezza has trived. He leads the league in assists and points despite a slow start and is the most keyed guy in the league. He was keyed on in all of Junior aswell being the CHL's primere player and still posted amazing numbers. He knows how to play with a bulls-eye on his back. Assuming he keeps working at the weaker aspects of his game (which he's been doing, playing on the PK in Binghamton and working on his sakting as evident on his second goal last night) he'll be fine. And talk about a double-standard regarding the two player's in the NHL:

Originally Posted by PepNCheese
Stajan scored 13 goals in only 11 minutes of ice as a 19-20 year old, mostly on the 4th line. It is not unreasonable to think he could be a 20-25 goalscoring centre who also plays good defence. For the Leafs drafting, this is like manna from heaven with a #57 draft pick..

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