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02-18-2010, 01:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Moses Doughty View Post
So, he still has to get up off of me and not just lay on me. He purposely stayed on me until the puck was in the slot on their cant argue that. If he had gotten up right away I have no beef with the ref, but the aftermath shouldve resulted in the in the crease rule.

Ive played this team many times(same league) many times, and these specific guys to boot. They stop their cheap shots when they get called on it a few times. I didnt say goalie interference, but in the crease couldve been called when he purposley stayed on me. And that situation wasnt against an Arizona team, but the helmet one did. BTW I play in Oxanard. You play at Logitech right?
Logitech?? Don't know it, they never had a rink up in Oxnard while I was in California.

In the crease could not be called as he was shoved in by your player, and you say he purposely stayed on you until the puck got to the side of the net on his team's stick. I am wondering how you think he saw this? If he was pushed hard enough to fall on top of you, I am pretty sure he is either looking at the ice or you, wondering what the hell just happened, then he is looking for his bearings, and then trying to get up, not so cut and dry is it?

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