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02-18-2010, 02:47 AM
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Sadly I've added to my collection since this photo. From left to right....

65 flex Easton Stealth CNT Forsberg - got it on clearance, this has become my once a year stick to use at the annual Vegas ball hockey tournament

100 flex Easton Synergy SL Gaborik - buddy of mine got a hold of this before it hit retail and sold it to me for $90.

100 flex TPS XN 10 Red Lite - found it at Play it Again for $15 in pretty good shape for a used stick.

102 flex Bauer XXX Lindros - got this one for free from a buddy

77 flex Bauer ID shaft + Bauer ID blade - Bauer had a computer display in various hockey stores along with various test shafts and blades. When Nike sold Bauer, the shops decided to sell the shafts/blades.....basically Bauer XXXX with a different paint job. Picked up the shaft and blade for $20 apiece.

75 flex Mission M-1 Gaborik - Maybe still my favorite stick to date. Play it Again had the price mismarked, got it for $70 brand new.

Medium flex CCM V130 shaft - Got it for $30, one of my many backup sticks for ball hockey.

95 flex Easton Cyclone shaft - Another $20 find at Play it Again.

75 flex Easton Z-Bubble grip shaft - buddy gave it to me used.

RBK Rebels 9k goalie stick - Full composite, I wish I had bought another one as they stopped making them with the graphic. Price error in my favor too, store only charged me $100 for it when the list price was $200.

CCM Vector 10.0 Intermediate Brodeur - Picked it up for $30 on clearance. Interesting stick, composite shaft but wood paddle.

Not pictured:

RBK X-Pulse goalie stick Brodeur pro return - Got a pair of these for $80 apiece.

Whip flex TPS R8 pro radius shaft - Xmas present to myself this past year.

110 flex Easton Z-Bubble - My first composite shaft, given to me as a birthday present back in 2001. Still keep it around for memory's sake.

Several Warrior unpainted test sticks, couple 100 flex Fedorovs, one 75 flex int Fedorov - Buddy of mine does printing for Warrior Hockey, so he's gotten his hands on several dozen test sticks. He had some goalie sticks to pass out recently, unfortunately I ended up on his bad side.

Admittedly, my collection is pretty unnecessary since I play goalie 90% of the time. And when I do play out, I feel like that tennis instructor from Seinfeld....the one with the real expensive racquet that can't play a lick. =)

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