Thread: Proposal: Jeff Carter to Calgary
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02-18-2010, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Couple of things...

1) Flyers aren't trading Carter anytime soon.

2) If you're looking for players to compliment Iginla, Jeff Carter is the last player you would choose. He's a shooter, not a playmaker.
this and this

thanks for playing

Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
yea haha i was thinking that as well

iggy needs giroux but we wouldnt give him up unless we get iggy haha
Iggy needs a good passer with him. Or some talent in some form. He has nothing.

Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
im sick of giroux on the 3rd line i think we need to compact our talent into 2 lines, cut this 3 line BS

giroux JVR carter richards briere gagne hartnell

7 good guys, but we need 6 for two lines, not 7 for three.

IMO we should trade 1 (hartnell, gags, briere) for a good dman and a 3rd line grinder, but i think i've made that point...

gags richie carter
JVR briere giroux (flip briere and giroux?)

thing with giroux/briere is that they are both competant at wing and center and are both pretty small, i'd take giroux up the middle over briere though.
It's like this. Stack the powerplay, but set the lines where everything is most comfortable.

Carter's line doesnt need to be stacked. The guy shoots a lot and dominates the puck. Putting too much talent with him is a waste in a way. He doesnt dish.

Richards dominates the puck also and has good chemistry with Gagne. Again, this line is in many ways our top defensive line. I wouldn't mind Giroux with these guys, but again, stacking lines when one guy dominates the puck is silly. If there were 2 pucks on the ice, I'd be all for it, but there is one.

Giroux, JVR and Asham have a lot of chemistry, so why not let them all play together? Nobody dominates the puck here, but Giroux at center lets him get more chances with the puck on his stick, so this works for me. JVR could also use the icetime with the puck on his stick. Throw those two with Richie or Carter, and they DON'T see the puck, which is counter-productive.

However yes, on the PP I would stack it way the hell up with all 7 of our best forwards and Richie on point.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Richards and Carter are our centers...and neither should be moved from that in our top 6 given our current roster.

Originally Posted by BerubeBox View Post
We definitely don't look very competitive without Carter. It just goes to show how many people seriously were ready to give up on the season at one point. I'll admit I came close to making the "ok, i agree, it's possible we might not make the playoffs" post once, maybe twice. Glad I never did because now it sounds as ridiculous as my gut feeling said it was.
Very true, which is why I wouldn't move Carter for anything but Kovalchuk. That was the only proposal I saw that even made some sense.

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