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01-23-2005, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Man.Utd
Well then why all the excitement over Matt Stajan? He's played horrible in the AHL by the standards of a supposed "NHL" quality player. Meanwhile, Spezza has trived. He leads the league in assists and points despite a slow start and is the most keyed guy in the league. He was keyed on in all of Junior aswell being the CHL's primere player and still posted amazing numbers. He knows how to play with a bulls-eye on his back. Assuming he keeps working at the weaker aspects of his game (which he's been doing, playing on the PK in Binghamton and working on his sakting as evident on his second goal last night) he'll be fine. And talk about a double-standard regarding the two player's in the NHL:
Why are we bringing Stajan into it now??

This is a real reach.

We are talking about Spezza, and Mats Sundin...a comparison I find as amusing as you guys find Wellwood and Spezza to be.

There is no conflict. Totally different types of players.

Spezza is expected to be a superstar. Stajan is not a dominant player. His NHL performance was more surprising than anything Spezza does, so that is where "the excitement" comes from.

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