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02-18-2010, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by BallroomBitz View Post
i don't mean to be a sexist...but there is no way there should be a WNHL.

- the game is very slow
- body contact is a penalty...which is brutal
- the passing is just BAD - off target 80% of the time
- the shots are weak (with a few exceptions of course)
- it literally looks like a pee-wee game without checking

I'm not a he-man woman hater or anything, but the women's hockey has been terrible. I have no doubt in my mind from what I saw in Canada's games that the USA will slaughter them...and if they don't, it's just embarrassing.

Haley Wickenheiser is as bad for women's hockey as Michelle Wie is for women's golf. Quit trying to prove your an "equal" in the men's league, because by missing the cut by several strokes or being a depth player in an elite league because of publicity makes women's sports look worse. Wickenheiser is worse...because what man isn't going to let up on a woman when it comes to contact. Not only would the stigma attached to "hitting a woman" be there, but NOT checking her 100% and then having her get around you could cost you a job...that's all kinds of unfair ********, IMO!

Once again, I'm not a sexist he-man woman hater...the game is just less exciting...I cannot see any reason to try to sell a "WNHL" when you can't even sell the Atlanta Thrashers with a top 5 player in the world on the team...

PS - running up the score on a team like Slovakia who had never had an olympic hockey team is bad sportsmanship no matter how much Cassie Campbell wants to persuade you...there's a difference between running the score up on a team like Norway or Switzerland 8-0 when they have NHL goaltending or some NHL talent as opposed to a crushing a country who has never been in the Olympics for an already unpopular sport 18-0.
I disagree with pretty much everything you wrote...except about the fact that the "WNHL" wouldn't work.

I used to be pretty tough on women's hockey. No checking, the shots always seemed pretty weak, it was a pretty slow skating game. But, I have been nothing short of VERY IMPRESSED with teams like Canada, USA, Slovakia, Switzerland, etc. Those girls know how to play, no matter how much we all like to pretend we're better players, and how much we say "it's not really hockey" because body checking isn't allowed.

I'm not usually a defendant of women's sports (I've been accused of being sexist more than once on this board), but drop the stereotypes for a second and try to watch a women's game without the hate glasses on, and don't go out of your way to compare it to the men's tournament every chance you get. I really doubt you aren't impressed.

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